sugar daddy safety tips

The modern day “Alpha Male” in our society is not necessarily the most attractive, strongest and dominating man. He’s the smartest sugar daddy safety tips, wealthiest and most driven man who can provide for people (women) much better than his competitors.


Wealthy men need to realize this and shouldn’t be afraid to let women know how wealthy they are. Women don’t necessarily want their money, but because of biological “hard wiring” they will subconsciously become much more attracted to you because you will be seen as the “Alpha Male”. Women are biologically wired to select the best provider who can guarantee security for her and potential children. On a conscious level women will be fascinated by their intelligence and drive, which is much more attractive to a woman than looks alone. These women are not considered “Gold Diggers”, they are just both consciously and subconsciously attracted to the most important qualities a man could have, ambition, intelligence, safety and security.


Men are biologically wired to be the provider themselves, so they select a mate differently. They are attracted to certain physical features that could provide the best children. They are attracted to curvy hips and breasts because they are good qualities for childbirth and rearing and sugar daddy safety tips. Men find clear skin, bright eyes, white teeth, symmetrical face and body attractive because biologically these are indicators of health and strong genetics.


Keep in mind, these are all subconscious observations and reactions that create the initial attraction, so don’t consider men shallow for wanting women with physical beauty unless that’s the only thing he wants. The physical attraction is only the 1st step.


The Relationship and sugar daddy safety tips


Science explains why wealthy men and attractive women are attracted to each other, but for an actual relationship to form it can be more of an art form. The couple would have to be compatible on personal levels as well, which can be complicated, as most of us know. This is where a personal matchmaker can come in handy.


If a relationship does form, we witness the 2nd part of the Millionaire Dating Phenomenon: Why are these relationships so successful?


The formula for success is very simple: Take attraction and compatibility, then eliminate the #1 reason for split-ups and divorce in the U.S. (Financial trouble).


Now you’ll have two people who are attracted to and compatible with each other, who have enough money to do whatever they want; living happy financially stress free lives in their beautiful homes, making beautiful, smart and rich babies and going on family vacations a few times a year!

Studies show us a new reason why we have to learn the wonderful arts of body language, especially if you want to succeed in getting your millionaire match. It turns out that spoken words only comprise 3% of the entire communication process, and the rest of the 97% is purely body language.


So what are a few things that you can watch out for to ensure that you have the perfect body language?


First, there’s your POSTURE. Yeah, those lessons in elementary school will pay off. Remember all those times that teacher made you walk around with books on your head? Well, better remember those good times because you could use that to your advantage. Walk straight, don’t slouch. Slouching is a common sign of insecurity, so stand tall and stand proud. But don’t stand too stiff. When conversing, lean forward so that he would know that you are interested in what he has to say.


Titling your head and nodding are also good posture signs that you are engaged in the conversation and listening to whatever it is he has to say.


Second, remember to give him SPACE. When I mentioned leaning towards him, it doesn’t mean that you have to lean ON him. Towards is different from one. Especially if it’s just your first or second date, personal space must be respected. Keep your distance a bit. This distance means that you are respecting his space, and when he invades yours, keep away. You wouldn’t want to be too physically close on the first dates, right?


Third, your body language also tells when you are nervous. Stop fidgeting with your hands, your bag, your hanky. This would show that you do feel nervous, which your date might mirror too, and will make HIM nervous and uneasy. Now, I know that many women would have nervous habits, I think all people do, but still, it does good if you can try to control it and appear calm and collected. However, hand gestures are good body language signs because it helps in emphasizing points.